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The future is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - and happening now.

We are faced with change that is more impactful and unpredictable than ever before. As individuals and systems.

Most organisations try to stay in sync within their current environment by creating new structures on top of the old.

They experience great difficulty adapting to the needs of tomorrow while keeping up with today. Some manage to stay ahead; these organisations make a difference.

We strongly believe that most organisations can make a difference by activating the brilliance of their people and systemically change the way they think, feel and work.

The potential of organisation is latent, hidden behind structures that do not work anymore.

Creating deep insights, inciting true intent and facilitating cross-functional collaboration is essential to unlock this potential. This will allow for all individuals to have the right conversations about the fundamental challenges, in a safe environment.

A breakthrough mindset, acceleration and sustainable designs of desired future directions will result from this.  

We are GroupMapping

We focus on the actual systemic change, designing and orchestrating collaboration and creating trust through dialogue as a means to unleash the group’s and the individual’s full potential.


We call this
collaboration by design