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We help organisations develop the human capabilities needed to stay relevant and effective in a fast-changing environment.

Leadership development, collaboration, agility and mobilization are some of the capabilities that have become critical yet often seemingly elusive when operating in a VUCA world. Somehow many organisations struggle to find the right way to develop these capabilities in a way that is sustainable and supportive of the strategic direction of the organisation. We at GroupMapping would like to help you with these challenges! Our recognized expertise in collaboration and learning, shaped through almost two decades of working and learning in this field together with our clients, will help you and your organisation develop new pathways for your capability development challenges.


Through our tested and proven Group Empowering Methodology (GEM) we are able to accelerate and increase the impact of your organisation’s efforts in developing your people. We do this in fields such as collaboration, leadership, business partnering, agile project management and more. GEM will, unlike many traditional approaches, weave people’s daily reality, latest insights and coaching together with a highly engaging and collaborative learning environment. Or as we call it we integrate the 3C’s; Collaborative Learning, real-life Case and Coaching. For more information please read our blog 'The power of combining the 3 c's' 


Leading to better results, guaranteed


GroupMapping works closely with all the relevant stakeholders within your organisation. After all, we want to make sure that we help you address your existing as well as future people capability needs that are needed to realise your strategic direction. Even though we are very comfortable with leading the way, our default approach is that we will want to add to, support and strengthen your existing efforts and learning portfolio. We will truly collaborate with you.


It’s up to you. You tell us what you need and how you need it; We will bring the expertise and options that are most suitable. For more information contact us or come by for a coffee!



Quotes from participants

 “My team experienced the effects of this program

immediately and they are very excited about it!”


“The combination between the personal E-coaching and the content of the training made me really change the way I lead change and collaboration.”


“These methods created new movement and energy in my team.

After my intervention they really got going!"


“Amazing to obtain so many new insights that are immediately applicable in such a short time frame.”


“From creative thinking to concrete actions, that’s the way to reach your goal.”


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