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Change & Implementation

Making it work together 


The key to successful programs and projects is to create ownership amongst the right people. That's why we always involve those people who are affected by the change. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help you accomplish an accelerated implementation and broadly supported change program.


Read on to find out more about Program Design, Change and Implementation Booster or Creative Communication. And do questions gradually pop up in your mind? Feel free to contact Daphne or Tom.



►Program Design


You are about to launch a new project or program through which a change will be implemented. Essential to the success of the project is involving the people affected by the change. Yet, when (time) pressure increases, this element is often not given the priority the project needs. We support project- and program managers in designing an approach that involves the right people at the right times. During implementation, we ensure a continuous focus on involvement and support. This way, the change is implemented better

“With the help of GroupMapping, we have built up and maintained cooperation throughout the entire process. You were the lubricating oil that kept the engine running."




►Change & Implementation Booster


Every program or project has that moment when everything comes together: Gordian knots are cut and new ways of working are introduced. The stress can increase considerably during this phase. As a result, decisions are sometimes made too fast or too slow. This leads to frustration and delay.


We are able to "boost" your project by bringing together doers, thinkers and decision makers at these crucial moments. By actively involving them and really listening, you create substantially more support for your program. This may sound like the recipy for delaying your project, but nothing could be further from the truth. By involving everyone in these important moments you prevent future discussions. Our approach therefore ensures on average a 30% shorter turnaround time. 


"I was initially skeptical about your approach and method, but I quickly adjusted that opinion when I saw the concrete results."

Ruud Mol, BAM



►Creative Communication


How to start a movement in your organisation? Well, let's start by designing some creative and innovative forms of communication. Together, we set up various communication channels and create the right content that will trigger and involve the groups you want to reach.


Understanding something is the first step in supporting it. We help you communicate complex information in a clear way and spread it throughout your organization. Let's add some creativity! Spoiler: it's not a slide deck.


“It seems like you have a complete creative department. You have the professional skills to make something really cool. Those are skills we just don't have.”

Ellen Lavrijssen, ING



These approaches to support your change or implementation project can be applied separately or in combination. That of course depends on your needs. Daphne and Tom are ready to help you, feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting.


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