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Growing together

Organizations that are able to work well together - both within their own organization and together with other organizations - achieve better results and have a more pleasant work environment. However, good cooperation does not necessarily happen automatically. Leaders, teams and skills with which you can shape cooperation play an important role in this. We design learning programs and interventions around collaboration with you. You bring the context of the organization with you and we bring our expertise in leadership development, collaboration and learning processes. Together we build a curriculum that contributes to the objectives of your organization and the needs of your employees.

Read more to discover our expertise in the field of learning and development, in particular our Leadership Program, Team Development and 21st Century Skills. Is your need not listed, or do you have questions that you would like to ask us? Feel free to contact Franc or Geert Willem.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Enable your leaders to implement your strategy effectively. We design our leadership programs together with you. You bring the context and we bring our expertise. Together we build a curriculum that contributes to the goals of your organization and the needs of your employees.

Our starting points:

  • You learn together with others. People usually learn at least as much from each other as they learn from us. In addition, you build an internal network.
  • You learn in the context of your own daily work reality. You immediately experience added value, it comes less ‘on top of your work’, and it ‘sticks’ better.
  • Learning is supported by individual coaching. In addition to learning together, everyone also has their own learning process.


“A well-organized, unique process and expert facilitators. A relief compared to many traditional training!”


Team Development

Team Development

Optimize the growth and effectiveness of your team to achieve the goals of your organization. Our team development processes are aimed at getting your team to take fundamental development steps. Pragmatically for the organization, the team itself, as well as the individuals who are part of it. Team development processes typically consist of the following steps, co-creation is always a crucial ingredient:

  1. Investigate the demand for help and develop an understanding of the underlying needs.
  2. Deeper diagnosis of the current situation (what is really going on?).
  3. Design a detailed approach/intervention (selection of lenses and process).
  4. Cycles of execution, evaluation, and adjustment.
  5. Wrap up of the program & support where necessary for the team to be able to sustain its functioning.


“Professionalism, preparation, care. The fact that it is different is also a part of the creativity that we need and that we cannot deliver internally.”

Personal Development

Personal Development

Hand your people the skills to design and facilitate effective collaboration. We help you determine which skills add the most value to your organization, together we will create an responsive approach. Valuable skills could be something like collaboration across organizational boundaries, critical and autonomous thinking, and creative problem solving. Together we develop an approach to transfer these skills to your people. Based on what your people need and the intended value for the organization. Learning together with others is the starting point. Whether it is a one-off learning experience, or a learning trajectory with supportive individual coaching.

In our learning process, we always work in a way that enables your employees to make the connection to their daily reality immediately. This makes knowledge transfer much more effective!


“Inspiring and exactly what I needed. No theoretical treatises, but practical and people-oriented leads.”


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Leadership development

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