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Inclusive Strategy

Shaping tomorrow together

The only way to develop and execute a successful strategy is to involve your people. After all, the knowledge, skills, and support are spread throughout the entire organization. We help you develop a strategy that provides clear direction and is understood by everyone: from head to heart. Working together to shape the future of your organization, that is what we are good at.

You can read more about the Strategy Journey, Strategy Box and the Strategy Booster here. Do you want to know how we can help you with your strategic challenge? Send a message to Tommes, they're happy to help!

Strategy Journey

Strategy Journey

We help shaping the whole strategy journey together with you, from design to execution. Together with all the employees!

Because the times when you could plan years ahead and implement plans exactly as predicted are over, if it ever existed. The world is changing at an increasingly higher pace and new insights and information are continuously available. This calls for a different way of developing strategy: it requires more flexibility and more frequent validation of the direction taken. To ensure a broadly supported and fast implementation, employees need to have a deep understanding of the strategy.

The strategic journey consists of a strategic rhythm, in which we work together to create and (re)shape your strategy. Ideally, we do this with people from each level of the organization: the strategic, tactical, and operational level. During our journey, we validate the strategic direction at regular intervals, resulting in more flexibility to adjust to a rapidly changing world. This means your strategy will never reach a point where it is completely ‘finished’. You are constantly validating whether you are moving in the desired direction. With this, your needs and strategy cycle are always central.


When designing the strategy and activation of your employees, we always work from our principles:

  • 80%: we work towards an 80% strategy that we then regularly validate and test. A strategy is never a 100% complete.
  • Framed Freedom: within clearly defined frameworks, we assume the creativity of employees - this creates space to take ownership and feel.
  • Group Genius: we ensure that the right people come together at the right time, with the right content, in the right space, so ‘group genius’ can emerge.

“Our ambition was to develop a strategy that will not be left untouched after a few months. Together with you, we have devised a way to actively involve all 2,000 employees in the process. And that has ensured our strategy has not only stayed a strategy document, but has become a living strategy that is supported by everyone." - Arcadis

Strategy Box

Strategy Box

The Strategy Box is a customized box of content and assignments that will be carried out by you and your awesome team. You can think of all sorts of ways to introduce employees to a new strategy. Often, management communicates it by using a PowerPoint presentation or organizing a strategy day.

Could we do this differently? In a way that ensures everybody gets a thorough understanding of the strategy and its impact on their department, team, and themselves? How do we create the same sense of urgency and energy for the new strategy throughout the entire organization? And above all, can we do this in a creative, playful way?

Meet the strategy box: a tailor-made box with assignments that can be facilitated and carried out by your own people and teams. The strategy box creates energy and involvement, is tailored to your strategic cycle, and ensures that the entire organization - up to an individual level - can contribute to the realization of the strategy.


“Activating an organization in a strategy change is by definition not possible top down, but always has to be bottom up. You have given us a tool to do that, which you have further developed with us. The flexibility you have shown in this is great, but you have not deviated from the goal." - Dura Vermeer

Strategy Booster

Strategy Booster

The strategy booster is a one- or multi-day session in which we kickstart the strategy development, depending on your goals. 

With a group of people, you will either be able to swiftly get started with shaping a new strategy, or work on its finishing touch. Depending on what you want to achieve, we design a session in which substantive steps are taken and ownership is created. The strategy booster is perfect for your organization when you want to bring content, inspiration and energy together to give direction to your next goal.


"What you do very well is very effective with a really large group actually coming up with tangible results within an afternoon or day." - Dura Vermeer


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