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Our story


We believe effective collaboration is the key to success. For people and organizations.

Because in this world, certainties are a thing of the past, problems have become dilemmas, and five-year plans no longer exist. The world is VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. But what does that mean? Changes occur in rapid succession, it is uncertain what will change, and the changes are more complex and by no means always visible. When complexity and tension increase, people often try to solve this by working harder. They focus solely on their own responsibilities. This rarely works.


We believe that complexity requires people to connect.

In this VUCA world there is no one person with the perfect answer. Everybody holds a part of the answer. So people need to connect and share what they have to build the answer together. This connection arises from effective collaboration and gathering knowledge from the right places in the organization. Only through effective collaboration, it is possible to quickly adapt to today’s rapidly changing world. Collaboration does not happen “by default”. Instead, you need to thoroughly design a collaborative process that fits the needs of people and their organization. We call this Collaboration by Design.

Different approach, better results

Connecting people is an art. GroupMapping masters this art. We design effective collaboration. This is how we activate and mobilize people. Including people with different perspectives in what is really going on and what needs to be done about it increases ownership and makes the solution stronger. Doing this once often is not enough. You do it frequently by creating a heartbeat so collaborative work becomes a habit. Especially when it seems that the issues you are dealing with are really complex. Because overcoming complex challenges together makes the solution more sustainable.


What we do, we do well. And above all together with our clients.


  • We give direction to complex, strategic challenges
  • We make change and implementation programs succeed
  • We prepare people to be the leaders of tomorrow


We have been making an impact by designing effective collaboration for over 10 years. This makes work more fun and adds value. We bring people together, even at times when we are physically restricted.



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