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Welcome Sanne!

We have a new colleague!

Tell us, who are you, and where does our match come from?


"Hi, I'm Sanne!


Starting in February, I'm joining GroupMapping as an intern to get acquainted with the consulting profession. As a master's student of Business Administration and Work and Organizational Psychology, I enjoy putting my gained knowledge into practice. In addition, I hope to broaden and deepen this knowledge and develop myself as a consultant.


I gain energy from working with people and seeking creative solutions to complex issues. Turning problems into challenges, transforming ideas into a concrete strategy, and turning theories into usable tools: I love to tackle things and develop solutions so everyone can get on with it! Because of my side job in a restaurant, I am always very focused on people and hospitality, and I like to make everyone feel comfortable. In addition, I find a cozy drink or a nicely filled table also very important!


In my spare time, I like to be occupied with all kinds of things. My balcony is filled with plants, my kitchen is bursting with new recipes, and I can occasionally be found at the gym (but more often on a terrace now that it is all opening up again!). I also love exploring new cities, foreign cultures, or special meals, and I'm always up for a trip to a museum, concert, or festival!"

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