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We're hiring!

Our ambition

2022 will be our year. We will be helping even more organizations to solve complex problems. We always do this in collaboration with our clients and at lightning speed. With a team of 20 people, we roll up our sleeves to direction strategic change and organizational issues.

To achieve our ambition, we are looking to expand our team! 

We're hiring!

Do you recognize yourself in many of the following points? Then there might just be a match!

  • You are proactive, assertive, and enterprising; you dare to seize opportunities and loose ends... You don't like that.
  • You have experience working on projects and have knowledge of project management. You want to take responsibility for results!
  • When things get tough, you look for a way to connect: you ask colleagues for help when you can't work something out, and you jump in when others can use a helping hand. With us, you are never alone.
  • You can switch easily between strategic, tactical, and operational perspectives.
  • You are not afraid of complexity and dare to act without understanding the entire playing field in detail.
  • You have 1-2 years of work experience and a WO thinking level (developed through study or work experience).
  • Background, interest, or experience in the creative design of products or services is a plus, especially if you also know your way around Adobe apps


This is what we offer:

  • A market-based salary (€2,300 - €2,900) plus bonus scheme, mobility allowance, and full pension accrual.
  • Unlimited vacation days, yes, really! Of course, in consultation.
  • A laptop and phone (speaking Apple fans here).
  • A generous training budget - we'll help you grow.
  • A fantastic team and enormous development challenges! 

What’s next?

Do you see a match? Then let us know before January 17 by sending an email to in attention to Kelly. If you have any questions, you can also ask Kelly. We review the applications carefully and treat them all equally. We will contact you no later than January 21.

About us 

We are a non-traditional agency with passionate people specializing in designing and facilitating change. Questions we answer with our clients in this process include:


How do you design a strategy that is embraced and executed by everyone?

How do you get everyone on board with organizational change?

What does the continuously changing (VUCA) world require from our people? What skills, attitudes, techniques, and behaviors do they need to drive the organization toward the future?


Sometimes these strategy and change processes are fully designed and facilitated by us. Sometimes we are just a helping hand in the background. But always, our focus is on engaging people in organizations. We try to bring out the best in them and use their potential. Based on a level playing field, blind faith and a big load of positive energy. Because when you're having fun, you can do more than you think. And that leads to concrete results and very satisfied clients.


We are also building our own internal organization. We do not have a sales, marketing, or research & development department; we do this all together. We are committed people, confident in our approach and bursting with passion and energy.

Curious? Take a look at for background, our projects, and more.

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