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Time to Re-Connect!

Back to the office with Re-Connect
Bring your employees back together with a memorable event!


You can read all about it on this page. 

There you can also download the Re-Connect Guide to get started yourself! Good luck!

The Re-Connect Approach

The impact of the corona crisis is huge, including on business life. Many people have been working from home for 1.5 years and have only seen colleagues via Zoom or Teams during that time. Therefore, many board members and executives run with the same question: how do we bring people back together in the office? The answer: with a memorable Re-Connect event. This is a day in which you:

  • Reflect: Reflect on the experiences of the past period
  • Connect: Reconnect together
  • Shoot from the starting blocks: Making concrete agreements about how you will work with each other

The Re-Connect Roadmap

Organizing an event requires good preparation. And so is this Re-Connect event! In addition to preconditions such as decoration, communication, and (tasty!) food, it is essentially about several thoughtful questions regarding content. What do you want your Re-Connect to achieve? How do you connect with people you haven't seen in real life for so long? And how do you ensure that you can learn together from the past period? With a Re-Connect, you make sure that you get off to a flying start!


You can read exactly how to go through the above-mentioned step-by-step plan in our free Re-Connect Guide. Download it on this page!

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