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Rob van de Lindeloof speaking

On November 4, we got to work at an exceptional location! Together with the men and women of Agrifirm Arable Farming, we met. Rob van de Lindeloof (sector director) tells more about what we did in the video below. 

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Meet Marina Šimunović

We have a new colleague! 

Tell us, who are you and where does our match originate?

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Back to school

Tom Vuorinen was a Keynote speaker at the Alumni Event last week of the Policy Communication Organization (PCO) program at VU University. He spoke with enthusiasm about his current work and how he developed after graduating in 2005. 

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Meet our new colleague Kelly van der Meer

"Hey, I'm Kelly van der Meer!

Since July, I have been on board at GroupMapping as the ''Heart of Office''. In this role, I am a rock for the team and make sure everything runs smoothly, so everyone can grow & thrive.

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NL2025 and GroupMapping join forces

Claudy Jongstra is a visual artist, shepherd, farmer, and activist. And she has the vision to realize a sustainable textile chain in the Netherlands. Because locally produced textiles can make a massive contribution to a sustainable society. There are already proven 'proof of principles' on a small scale for many links in the new product chain. To make this dream come true, NL2025 and GroupMapping have joined forces.

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Re-Connect: our belief

At around February this year, we began to feel it. Soon the time will come when we can go back to the office. Will everything be back to the way it was in no time? Or will it be really different? And how different? Either way, it will take some getting used to. And to get straight to the point: we at GroupMapping have given this some serious thought. To help with this, we've put our thoughts into a guide that can help you think deeper about how to reconnect people, after all this. If you can't wait, download the guide here.

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Time to Re-Connect!

Back to the office with Re-Connect
Bring your employees back together with a memorable event!


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Putting a good story to smart use

Storytelling is as old as time itself. This is not without reason because a good story takes us along, moves us, and teaches us important lessons. And it influences us; we also want to be involved and do our part. How to put a story to good use? Read on quickly!

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