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NL2025 and GroupMapping join forces

Claudy Jongstra is a visual artist, shepherd, farmer, and activist. And she has the vision to realize a sustainable textile chain in the Netherlands. Because locally produced textiles can make a massive contribution to a sustainable society. There are already proven 'proof of principles' on a small scale for many links in the new product chain. To make this dream come true, NL2025 and GroupMapping have joined forces.

On August 30, GroupMapping and NL2025 organized an interactive session. The session's goal was to help Claudy Jongstra realize her dream (of a sustainable textile chain in the Netherlands). The locally produced textile can make an enormous contribution to a sustainable society. To realize this, there are many facets, with all kinds of stakeholders playing a major or minor role. By having people from different areas of expertise and fields working together, we have been able to open new doors and make new connections. The green environment of Huns has proven to be a trustworthy source of inspiration for all of us. We would like to thank all the participants who put their heart and soul into Claudy Jongstra's dream.

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