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New partner at GM: Tom Vuorinen!

We have appointed a new partner from our own ranks effective January 1, 2021: Tom Vuorinen. After his many years of experience from Capgemini around change and collaboration, Tom has spent the last four years within GroupMapping, further professionalizing and growing the approach around Change & Implementation. The expertise he has in the field of change and implementation, especially in the construction and infrastructure sector, education, and the healthcare domain, is of enormous value within and outside GroupMapping. With his sharp analytical mind, sensitivity to the people's side, and unbridled passion for learning, he is more than a valuable addition to the partner group!

Change & Implementation - what is that?

Everywhere people work, things change from time to time. The question is, how do you ensure that the change belongs to the people themselves and is not just something that is poured over them from above? By involving people in a tight process and letting them think about the impact of the change on their daily work, you ensure a high level of commitment and thus a better embedding of the change. I really enjoy setting up projects in which this game is played, and people can contribute: from concrete experience, you often come up with surprising and working solutions.


Have you always wanted to do that??

I was trained as a sociologist and have always been fascinated by human behavior in organizations. At the same time, I love simplifying complexity with the help of models - that way, content becomes manageable. At the moment, I have found the ideal combination: connecting people around complex content, using the models to guide the change, interpret it, or make it understandable.


What are your challenges for this year?

The coming year will be exciting: working from home, homeschooling, watching home soccer: we'll be at home a lot. The challenge is to keep connecting with your work and your colleagues. In the past year, I've seen how you can also connect through the screen and have a really good conversation. If you consider people's needs, know the context in which we find ourselves, and adequately design how you want to collaborate, then digital collaboration is really super effective. Keeping the energy up, keeping the focus together, and focusing on what can be done is what we can do together to make this happen. I'm really looking forward to that.

Want to know more about me or my job: feel free to contact me!


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