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Meet our new colleague Kelly van der Meer

"Hey, I'm Kelly van der Meer!

Since July, I have been on board at GroupMapping as the ''Heart of Office''. In this role, I am a rock for the team and make sure everything runs smoothly, so everyone can grow & thrive.


What gives me enormous satisfaction is to provide our team and our clients with that little something extra. By paying attention to the details and providing the additional service, this is noticed and felt by everyone. This allows everyone to "keep occupied" within our creative work environment, and clients feel at ease.


Because of my experience as a personal assistant, I know better than anyone how to relieve concerns from the team and clients. I am involved in every proposition of GroupMapping and make sure that everything around meetings and sessions is taken care of down to the last detail. Preferably, I see problems as challenges. I dive into them and with an entrepreneurial attitude I always come up with the right, innovative solution.


In short, I gain my energy from a well-organized office; a workplace where everyone feels comfortable and can work together optimally. This is how I contribute to the 'happiness' of our company!


And what do I do in my spare time? I love (Brabantse) coziness, concerts, and have an eye for finding and refurbishing vintage gems.


Want to know more? Feel free to call or mail! I'll make sure the coffee is ready ;)

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