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Meet Marina Šimunović

We have a new colleague! 

Tell us, who are you and where does our match originate?

"As a collaboration designer, I have a great fascination with people. I find it inspiring how we behave, what we feel, and how we think. Each individual perceives in their own way and therefore has personal needs. Tastes differ, and I like to unite them. I connect the needs of real people within organizations.


I gain energy from working as a team, helping organizations connect and reconcile all of those needs so that people can be activated and mobilized. With all kinds of tailored methods and strategies, and through different angles, I translate it to the right tone, language, and form. My background in #servicedesign brings a 'toolbox' of methods that enable us to make results tangible and understandable within a (design) process. I believe that this only works when you, as a company, offer space for different perspectives. You have to trust in collective intelligence. Because good cooperation not only connects, it is also a lot of fun! And that is what I like best about our team and our way of working.


I get my inspiration from books and cooking (preferably one-pot meals). I can easily spend a whole Sunday making a delicious risotto or soup. The best part is that you must rely on the right balance of flavors and your senses. And that's what I love about my job, to approach process and service design holistically with all your senses.

My name is Marina Šimunović, and I am the new Collaboration designer at GroupMapping. Want to know more about how we create real change? Feel free to send me a message; I'm always up for a good conversation."

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