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Meet Alwin Vos

We have a new colleague!

Tell us, who are you, and where does our match originate?


"Hi, I am Alwin


As of January 1st, I am a part of GroupMapping. Initially a physiotherapist and #healthscientist, with a strong belief that all answers to complex issues are always present in groups of people and organizations, but that through a good process of collaboration and content, they sometimes need a bit of guidance to let it come out.


I really like groups of people; what their challenges are, where their shared drives are, but also where their pains sometimes are. I think it is very cool to be able to help them get a step further in their development, especially when the group connects. That is the coolest moment for me!


Besides my work, I am a huge fan of mountain biking, sailing, and martial arts. I get very happy strolling around at old harbors and eating well on vacation, outside of it as well! I am excited to start at GroupMapping and look forward to the next complex job in the healthcare sector or beyond! Further acquaintance or more information? Feel free to call or email!"

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