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Strategy development Erasmus MC Koers 23

Strategy development Koers23


About Erasmus MC

With 1320 beds, 11031 employees and 732 medical specialists, Erasmus MC is the largest of the seven university medical centers in the Netherlands. At any given time, 3,500 medical students are being trained, but the hospital, in addition to these academic hospital functions, also has a health sciences and basic research sector. The hospital is also one of eleven trauma centers in the Netherlands and has a Mobile Medical Team.


De uitdaging

Erasmus MC determines a new strategy every five years, the so-called Course. It is important for all organizations, but certainly one of this size, that it is supported by all employees. That is why GroupMapping was asked to organize a successful start to Koers 2023.

Erasmus MC wanted the new strategy to be created, decided and elaborated not only by the boardroom, but by people from all levels of the organization, in order to create support and make it successful together.


How did we help?

GroupMapping first organized the strategy days, in coordination with the Erasmus MC Board of Directors. With the experts of GroupMapping, 90 participants from all layers of the organization realized a widely supported outline of Koers23, including the main opportunities and ambitions; an action plan for further development, including the composition of groups to develop these ambitions.

By jointly determining the Course, it really came to life within the organization. The result: a movement started, instead of the umpteenth dry strategy document that disappears in a drawer.


Subsequently, there appeared to be a need for further cooperation and elaboration of the strategic pillars. With the core questions:

  • What do we do;
  • How are we going to do it;
  • What do we have to realize and when to be successful?

To this end, we have brought together a core team consisting of the initiators of the strategy and the participants of seven so-called "Race groups". These groups were created to allow employees from all levels of Erasmus MC to jointly shape the strategic foundation and the course to be followed.

We have supported this group of people in determining the right approach for the various process steps. In addition, we made the dependencies and sequences between the price groups transparent. In this way it becomes easier to help steer the price groups in the same direction and to shape the strategy in an integrated way.

GroupMapping held a number of acceleration and extreme writing sessions together with scrum advisors from Erasmus MC to significantly speed up the design and writing process.

Our results

On the basis of our ideas about collaboration, Collaboration by Design, we further researched, deepened and finally summarized the strategic initiatives for Koers23 with a large group of internal and external stakeholders during nine months in a strategy document. Our approach, in which we make use of a cross-section of the organization plus external stakeholders, has resulted in a lived and supported strategy that has been tangibly developed together. This is truly inclusive and a solid course for the next five years of Erasmus MC.

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