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The Challenge

To collect new initiatives to collaboratively design a new strategy and really submit to the strategy.


How did we help?

During a one-day session we hosted at ‘Metaal Kathedraal’ – which is a very inspiring location – the whole company emerged to the strategy. One of the modules we used to release the group’s initiatives was the Take-a-Panel-module with ‘tell us a story’ report out. To provide enough new inspiration we invited a few expert trend watchers who talked about customer focus, technological trends and how to create an impressive customer experience. 


The Outcome

We created four strategy initiatives which SeniorWeb has rolled out in 2018 and 2019. To make sure the outcome will be pursued, we defined two different (small and big) Heartbeats. The participants felt a huge energy-boost running through the entire group and connected with different clusters – one of the things that in most company’s is an undervalued advantage.



SeniorWeb is a national association with 150,000 members, 425 course locations and 3,050 volunteers. They have been active since 1996 with the aim of making the digital world understandable, so that everyone can experience the convenience and fun of computer and internet. Whether members want to develop digital skills, are looking for practical solutions or background information: SeniorWeb is able to help on various ways. 

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