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Excellent Professional Affordable Care at New Unicum



Nieuw Unicum is a healthcare institution specializing in clients with progressive MS or another physical and cognitive disorder. The clients who come to Nieuw Unicum often get to hear that there is no possible treatment anymore. Nieuw Unicum has so much expertise in the field of progressive MS that they can help clients live longer at home by temporary admission or provide the clients with an optimally adapted living environment if they can no longer live at home with a lot of attention for daytime activities and other activities.


The Challenge

The new board of Nieuw Unicum has formulated an 80% mission, vision & strategy with GroupMapping, in which the happiness of the client and the employees is central. This human scale translated into the mission to provide excellent professional and affordable healthcare (NL: excellente, warme, professionele, betaalbare zorg #EWPBZ). The new board was looking for a way to further shape the strategy in an inclusive way; together with clients and employees.


How did we help

In June 2018 we started working with fifty men and a woman in IJmuiden to realize this. In a fairytale setting, we went through an intensive process in which we shared assumptions, learned about how professional care can be combined with a warm environment. We have generated ideas about how we can increase the happiness of clients and employees and ultimately have them worked out together in concrete plans.


The Outcome

The IJmuiden meeting has worked as an approach to the organization; nothing is as contagious as the human dimension. It buzzes and buzzes with passion at Nieuw Unicum to realize EWPBZ together.


As GroupMapping we feel proud that we were allowed to play a part in such a gift organization, who has the courage to really get along with clients, so passionately, and step up. 

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