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Adoption Microsoft Office 365

Adoption program Microsoft Office 365


The challenge

The adoption of Microsoft Office 365 as a whole among all information employees within BAM Bouw & Vastgoed NL. "How do you ensure that a new tool is embraced and used without strict rules?"


How did we help?

We helped by setting up an Office 365 Adoption Program. The Office 365 Adoption Program is a joint (steering committee and core team) designed approach. Because the company consists of different business units, we have decided not to take a central approach. Instead of a central approach, we have started working with a central starting point that leaves room for company-specific needs.

The approach had several phases; first of all a meeting between the project manager and the management of the business unit, then a workshop with a cross-section of the business unit and members of the project team and finally a tailor-made Office 365 training for the business unit. In this way, every business unit is trained as desired. Not a chip cutter and about the same training, but a company-specific interpretation because every business unit is unique. Within the programs of each business unit, we made another important decision - the training is not about all the functionalities of Office 365, but about how Office 365 can support the employee. This fundamental difference creates a focus on the human rather than the tool.

The most important part of the Office 365 Adoption Program are the ambassadors. Only part of the people within each business unit have been trained - the ambassadors. They have been carefully selected and are the point of contact for Office 365 questions within the business unit. This was deliberately chosen because the lines to direct colleagues within the business units are many times shorter. Please note: as a project team, take care of aftercare and support the ambassadors through a versatile range. In this way they are strengthened to bring the knowledge further into the organization.


Our Results


Unfortunately, the end result is not measurable due to the temporary halt of the project due to the Corona crisis. The project had entered the final phase, in which a number of business units were to be trained. We dare to say that the Office 365 Adoption Program has been positively received by the business units. Especially the fact that we included the business units in the design and the clear communication was positively received.


About BAM


BAM Bouw en Vastgoed Nederland combines the activities of BAM in the Netherlands in the field of non-residential construction, installation technology, residential construction and area and real estate development. It occupies a leading market position in all these sectors through strong nationally operating companies. With 9,000 employees spread over various business units, they achieve a turnover of around € 2.1 billion per year.


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