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A Corona drawer book

The challenge 

At the end of March, the coronavirus put more and more pressure on the care capacity in the Netherlands. Because of the rising trend in corona patients in intensive care (IC), the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport asked us to design a scenario for the darkest corona scenario in the Netherlands - what if the peak exceeds the maximum number of IC beds?

How did we help?

We helped design, draft, and shape this script. People from various sectors and disciplines worked very hard to ensure that a plan was in place within three weeks. Because of the enormous time pressure, they worked in parallel groups. We helped set up and coordinate the information flows between the groups and translate the data into understandable visuals. The biggest challenge was to get the different parties to work together in a good and efficient way. 


The result

A concrete plan was presented to Minister Martin van Rijn within three weeks by working with a very diverse team. It's pretty exceptional to work on a plan that everyone hopes will never be implemented and will hopefully remain in the proverbial drawer.


About the organization 

The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport wants people to be confident that care is and will remain good, affordable, and available. 

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