Young Professionals: WE ARE HIRING

Due to focus on the things that matter, doing amazing and inspiring work and simply ridiculous success, we’re hiring!

We are looking for Young Professionals with a passion for collaboration!

Read along if you think you are a good match or share this cool stuff if you feel like there could be a match in your network!

.. and maybe we'll meet for coffee soon!



Are you driven by helping people change the way they think, feel, act and work to unleash the potential of people and organisations? Are you the one that is curious around the changes happening in the world and the impact it has on people, society and organisations? Do read on!


As you may know, GroupMapping is a collection of creative, highly dedicated, passionate and sometimes weird bunch of people. We work in the field of strategy design and deployment, infusing collaboration in programs and projects and collaboration capability development.



Do you have 1-2 years’ experience in the work field and are you excited to work at a young, growing, rebellious organisation? Are you passionate about helping people collaborate better for impact, have a “by design, not by default” attitude, and care for human beings in general? Do reach out to us on!