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Summer-school x Design Thinking - recap

In our Summer School we set out to share our way of working and our MG Taylor philosophy and methodology with our community. Because the MG Taylor methodology and its collaboration models are based on lots of different approaches and theories, we chose three to explore in more depth in our Summer School series. 


Last Wednesday we hosted our first session on Design Thinking and MG Taylor. Together we explored the two relate and enrich each other. Our main insights from this session:

DT & MGT could be viewed as two different lenses on a similar quest: supporting clients with solving their complex challenges. While Design Thinking is focussing foremostly on the content (exploring the question, reframing etc.), MG Taylor focuses on the people (engagement, co-creation etc.) in a more systemic context. 
When trying to understand how DT and MGT “click together”, it is good to realise:

  • Both are human-centred: what is the effect of what we design on a human being (the solution);
  • Both use a similar mindset: empathise with stakeholders / look for the new / iteration makes it 100 times better / stay curious, keep asking questions / think beyond boundaries, beyond the usual;
  • Both have strong emphasis on Visual Thinking - visualisation of conversations and design, usage of visual storytelling;
  • Both see the importance of creative spaces to spur people's thinking;
  • Both need skilled and experience practitioners - “I’ve read the book and now I’ll do it” doesn’t work...

DT has been one of the many influences in the creation and evolution of the MGT philosophy and methodology. Applying DT within a MGT-shaped design approach can really bring an additional edge. It will help you create a human centred prototype fast to utilise in the whole-systems approach, to create short-cycled feedback loops. A good approach in exploring and innovating while co-creating and paying attention to the larger context people work and live in!

The video below gives you a small impression of the session we hosted, working together on Miro. We would love to hear more experiences and insights in the usage of DT & MGT combined, so do share your thoughts. And feel free to reach out if you want to hear more on this! Lea is keen to talk further with you on this topic. 

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