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Paradox of change

Everyone wants better, no one wants change.

So many people want “better” realities. Better jobs, better relationships, better health, better education, better income, better energy, better lives.

But so few are willing to do the often difficult work needed to evoke and sustain that change. That deeply yearned-for different future.

Jonathan Fields – founder Good Life Project

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"Greatness" by David Marquet

David Marquet is a former U.S. submarine commander with an amazing story of triumph in the U.S. Navy, which he shares in his bestselling book, "Turn the Ship Around".


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Designing Imperfect

Stephanie Akkaoui-Hughes on “Innovating Interactions – How can I innovate my daily interactions to influence my work and world?” She is an architect and she has contributed heavily into discourse where architecture is taken into elevated level where meaningful interactions actually matter more.

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Spotify Engineering Culture

Spotify is known across the globe for its unique organizational structure. So don’t picture hierarchical top-down management structures filled with bureaucracy.


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