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junior Collaboration Designers: WE ARE HIRING

Due to focus on the things that matter, doing amazing and inspiring work and simply ridiculous success, we’re hiring!

We are looking for junior Collaboration Designers

Read along if you think you are a good match or share this cool stuff if you feel like there could be a match in your network!

.. and maybe we'll meet for coffee soon!



What we believe

We believe that human potential is unlocked through a creative environment where people can contribute and where they are offered perspective. Because we practice what we preach – that’s what we offer you.

We believe that diversity is grown by inclusivity so once you’re in, you are part of the team, no management layers, but shared responsibility, dynamic projects and real impact while working in small, high performing teams.

We believe experimentation fosters creativity, with experimentation comes mistakes, but no worries. You are human and so are we.

You create your own journey within GroupMapping, we facilitate this journey, but you have to take the first step

Working with GroupMapping is dynamic and fast-paced: think international projects, large scale interventions, different industries and roles. The only certainty is that you will learn and develop your skills quickly!


We are looking for

We are looking for Young Professionals with a passion for collaboration! A multi-tasker who is driven by helping people change the way they think, feel, act and work to unleash the protentional of people and organisation. A team player who is, curious around the changes happening in the world and the impact it has on people, society and organisation.

Joining us at GroupMapping will open up a whole new world for you. If you are excited by solving wicked problems, want to learn continuously in a highly dynamic environment and stretch-stretch-stretch yourself, read on:

You are a Chameleon that loves a frequent change of scenery, players, topics, work, and play. You appreciate the complexity of problems and challenges and always look to help solving them. You are curious and eager to learn about new topics and methodologies in driving towards impact in organisations and individuals. You are Yoga Flexible in body, mind, hours, tasks and way of working.

Your mix of humbleness and strong self-beliefs, catering for the needs of others whilst not forgetting to take care of yourself, focus on details to create an immersive and strong experience whilst keeping the end-goal in sight, ability to go fast and hard when needed and slow and contemplative when desired, your strive for balancing perfection and effectiveness will help us boost our team to an even higher level of professionalism and fun!


This is what we are looking for you to bring to the team

  • A completed education at applied sciences / academic level (HBO or WO)
  • Between 0 and 5 years of relevant work experience
  • Strong conceptual, analytical and people skills 

An entrepreneurial and performance mindset:

  • ability to cope and proactively deliver under pressure
  • ability to harness mastery-focused motivation
  • ability to maintain a laser-like focus. 
  • Able to work independently, to distinguish core and sub tasks and make decisions based on minimal information – as well as loving to work in a high performing team

    Your own personality – because we celebrate diversity in every aspect


Our working conditions

  • Competitive salary – even though there is no actual competition...
  • Unlimited vacation days – seriously, unlimited.
  • Mobility allowance – because you’ll be going places!
  • Apple-hardware provided by us – to you. To work with. And have fun with.
  • Collective pension accrual – because we care.
  • Educational development budget – to help you grow even faster!

Icing on the cake and the cherry on top:

  • Our hub is located in the centre of Amsterdam - right across Westerpark
  • Work-life-balance is your and our responsibility; flexible work hours and time-for-time possibilities
  • Integrated time to innovate and do crazy stuff
  • Ping-Pong table, bowling and an actual sand box at the office
  • And to really top it off: team winter sports.



Do you have 0-1-2-3 years’ experience in the work field and are you excited to work at a young, growing, rebellious organisation? Are you passionate about helping people collaborate better for impact, have a “by design, not by default” attitude, and care for human beings in general? Do reach out to us on!