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Future of the new

A few weeks ago Lea visited the presentation of the book “The Future of the New - Artistic Innovation in Times of Social Acceleration”.

Here she shares her inspiration of how innovation from an artistic perspective can make us think differently about our work.


Facilitating strategy development and collaborative change in organisations makes us at GroupMapping speak and think a lot about new ideas for workshops, projects, spaces, and design objects. But we rarely reflect on what “the new” actually means. The book’s editor Thijs Lijster discussed at the event how the new, change, and creativity have seemingly turned into a cultural norm, an unstoppable force and desire. At the same time it has become a coopted and alienating force. I found this thought very inspiring.
Do we need the new to follow a cultural norm or how can we think and speak differently about the new?


The event’s panel discussion raised the point of how the new depends on a person’s perspective. What is new to me does not necessarily have to be new for you. The new can therefore also be “the other”, providing space for something to emerge that was already there but not known to us. I find this a very interesting perspective. Maybe we do not have to pressure ourselves to develop the newest and brightest things out of nothing but the new will emerge out of us being humble, observing, and listening to what is already there and providing an environment for this “other” to emerge. If we apply this to nature, humans, cultures, disciplines, and organisations we will for sure create a new positive impact.


Now I am curious to read the actual book! And I hope these thoughts inspire to start making new connections between innovation and other disciplines.