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Case: Virtual Collaboration on 10 locations

In the preparation of an European SAP Go Live we organized a kick off session with the European Leadership and the program management team (total 30 participants). The participants worked in ca. 10 different locations spread over Europe. The inital design for this event was a plenary share of the Go Live Plans, followed by a Q&A in small groups and work on specific themes. But then... travel restrictions hit the fan...

We needed to come up with a plan B. 

We had the technology in place to host a virtual meeting, but that limited us in the interactive bit - that was needed to get the team started on building the solution. Digging deeper in the functionality, we found out that Webex had some handy functions: Break Outs. 

To accommodate this event we set up a Webex session using the Training Centre module, which gave us the opportunity to run multiple break out sessions in parallel, giving the opportunity to have small and focused group discussions on three themes (people / technology / process). The advantage of the Webex Training Centre module is that it has a very good functionality for setting up break outs, assigning people to the breakouts, starting and ending the break out sessions. Zoom has similar functionality.

In terms of facilitation this seemed like a pretty straight forward session: plenary, some break outs and plenary again. Running it as an virtual event we had to take some additional steps in the process. 

It required a bit more preparation and getting ready for the session: setting up the break-outs, making sure the participants are evenly spread over the groups, making sure all participants are in quite spaces and providing guidance for the break-out (including having an assignment). Basically – it’s the same type of activities as you would do for a physical session, the biggest difference that it is all set up virtually. 

The event? It went really smooth. The client was amazed by the way we managed to run it as a "real" event. 

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