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Collaborative Leadership training @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Wil jij ook effectievere vergaderingen bijwonen? Volg onze nieuwe training Collaborative Leadership! Onder begeleiding van twee professionals van GroupMapping leer je in 2,5 dag samenwerking te ontwerpen en faciliteren. Ontdek hoe jij interactieve groepsinterventies en workshops kunt inzetten om verandering te realiseren. Meld je nu aan voor de eerste editie die start op 29 november - meer informatie of aanmelden kan via deze website 

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Boost your Flow!

Together with Conclusion  we're hosting an (mini) event to boost your flow!

For every team leader out there; come join us on Thursday 20th of September.

Interested or questions? Send us an email at

See you then!

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Meet our new colleague Lea!

From now on Lea will be joining our GroupMapping team! 

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Summer book review

Summer is the perfect time to get inspired by books again.
In here you'll find our thoughts about the books we've been reading and how they connect to our philosophy.

Do you have a book recommendation for us? Then please let us know!

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