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Politie leiderschapsontwikkeling

The Challenge

In the new National Dutch Police organization, several hundreds of operational teams were formed, consisting around 150-250 Police professionals, typically led by two team leads. The challenge of the appointed team leads is to get these teams functioning smoothly as soon as possible and to become a team in the true sense of the word. Challenging, as some team members did not work together before.

How did we help

We designed a Tailor-made development approach, for the specific needs of the Dutch Police. Consisting of a serie of four training sessions and a coaching journey. In these training sessions cases from leader’s own experiences were used to train them in the GroupMapping methods, tools and processes to create a ‘ready to go’ collaborative journey.

It took only two training sessions for most team leads to start implementing the new way of working. The participants of the training used both our experience and the collective Group Genius to design and prepare interventions for their teams. Before the first training, the participants each started a coaching trajectory with our partner eCoachPro. Through both face to face and virtual interactions (calls, WhatsApp, online platform), the participants were coached on their own individual coaching-needs regarding to their own facilitative leadership skills. The improvement on their leadership skills was measured throughout the trajectory, using both their own and their colleagues’ feedback. The coaching continued for roughly two months after the last training session.

This unique combination of specific training, the use of real cases, and personal coaching, allowed these leaders to set a huge step in changing both their personal leadership capabilities as in their challenge of getting their teams going. The interventions they did with their teams were perceived as both valuable and fun by both themselves and their teams. Also, their growth in terms of leadership skills was rated significantly higher by their direct colleagues and themselves.

The Outcome

Equipping team leads to prepare for their role in facilitating collaboration their teams of Dutch Police professionals. Using their own specific cases and experience, GroupMapping developed the capabilities of a group of team leads in four sessions. The team leads learned about unique ways of working: methods, tools, and processes and provided them with personal (online) coaching along the way. 

“In a very creative, energetic and fun way, I learned to facilitate change in my team. The coaching was intensive and really valuable!"

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