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The Challenge

One of our smaller challenges – but because of that not less important. One of the most important aspects when creating new ideas and capability’s is to put them into action afterwards. The challenge of this one-day event was: 'How to design and facilitate our own collaboration so we can put our great ideas into action'.


How did we help

In one day we facilitated around fifteen students – which are also working at a lot of different organizations in their spare time – in developing a more action driven approach. We used a variety of Mg Taylor models like the Creative Intervention model and other models like Read – Discuss – Apply and Take – a – Panel. Afterwards we helped the students to also use the methodology at their work.


The Outcome

After this day all the involved students had created more tools how to put more action in their work.



Knowmads Business School educates young creative entrepreneurial people in a six-month program that challenges students to create their own education and projects. They operate as a platform for people who want to make a positive difference in the world.

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