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The power of combining the 3 C's

For every learning programme we design at Groupmapping there is a different balance between the 3C’s and a different learning experience we create. Bieke van Dijk has written a blog about it!


There are many great and inspiring programmes for development out there, that deliver enthusiastic participants with tons of great new insights. However, many participants and organisations don’t always see those insights translated into action or change. After all, the objective of learning in organisations is to deliver results, fulfil their purpose and stay relevant, whatever these may be and however these may be defined. For example, programmes that intend to develop leadership capability in your organisation should therefore result in increased effectiveness of leaders through the right behaviours, mindsets and skills.


Over the last few years we at Groupmapping have been experimenting/working with the C3 approach when designing and delivering learning programmes. We integrate the content with the following 3 C’s while creating the right blend of learning modes (online, offline, face-to-face, individual, group, etc.):

  • Collaborative learning.  This a situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together. Unlike individual learning, people engaged in collaborative learning capitalize on one another's resources and skills (asking one another for information, evaluating one another's ideas, monitoring one another's work, etc.). At GroupMapping we create an optimal collaborative learning environment by applying our proven Group Empowering Methodology (GEM). You’ll read more about GEM in future articles.
  • Case Work. Participant work with a real-life case that is relevant to their job. They learn to apply methods and tools directly to their job reality. They actually perform on the job while consciously applying new insights. This prevents the learning programme from becoming a stand-alone, disconnected effort from daily work activity.  
  • Coaching. Participants are offered support and guidance through coaching. This can be done by a professional coach or in peer coaching settings. Coaching helps them to translate what they learn into personal goals, adopt more effective behaviours and keep them accountable for what they decided to focus on. After all, adopting new behaviours or consistently applying new skills takes time and it can be very difficult to stay on it without a gentle nudge and reminder along the way.


The beauty of combing these 3C’s is seeing participants making real progress. We have seen this happening at a leadership development programme for one of our clients where significant progress was made by participants in addressing their daily leadership challenges. We noticed that participants who are working with new, more fun and effective ways to learn get more traction and results. It is very motivating to see the sparkle in the eyes of the participants when they have the impact they intended to create. For every learning programme we design at Groupmapping there is a different balance between the 3C’s and a different learning experience we create. We believe that there is a great power in consciously bringing in the 3C’s.


There is much more to say about each of the C’s, however we are curious what you are doing to ensure learning in your organisation has a maximum impact. What are the approaches and methodology you use to make sure the participants are really changing in a sustainable way?