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The origin of GroupMapping

Let’s have a look in the rearview mirror and explain a bit on how GroupMapping was brought to life around 10 years ago. And even more; where did the name come from?



Imagine this; 2009, Utrecht, Pascal and Rob, friends for many years, study and karate mates. After having spent a few years working based on a very inspiring collaborative philosophy, they thought something bigger was waiting for them, out there. They wanted to build their own venture, focusing on helping others (companies) to activate, mobilise and engage large groups of people to make the right, sustainable choices. They set out on a journey to rid the world of siloed thinking, increase collaborative decision making and help shape the environment for future generations!


They had spent years working as associate partners at Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment, flying around the world for small and big events. They were away from home for weeks and months; Rob spent months in India to help set up a range of Collaboration Hubs, Pascal explored Asia Pacific multiple times for weeks in a row, working at multinationals to help them solve their own problems. On one of those trips, they decided it was about time to start pursuing their dreams. They were done working for large multinationals just for the money, they felt the urge for more and lasting impact – and spread the way of working without being caged in by procedures, dogmas and old paradigms. The years of experience and the vast network they’d built was a solid starting point for the next leg of their journey!


So, one night, at a local bar, they started sketching out their plans and first “product” on a coaster, because in the end, that’s how it works. They crafted an easy to use application of the strong 'MG Taylor philosophy', enhanced with their own insights. A portable solution. Scalable, easily adaptable to small and big challenges. And something that they felt had the power to change the landscape of collaboration. On that evening the X-Map was born. An approach to collaborative problem solving, looking at a system as a whole, across all functions, roles, structures and boundaries – fully X, so to say – resulting in a map on how to proceed – the X-Map.



Mapping was their game; groups would be their aim – GroupMapping was conceived!

(our first logo)



The name GroupMapping, thus, is based on our very first well sold product, the X-map. Very soon after the start of GroupMapping (in the end of 2009) Bart joined the team and has been one of the GM-partners ever since. 

Through never-ending iteration the approach and services – as well as the products - have evolved into a wide variety of solutions, theories and skills. Everyone that has been working with GroupMapping has played a huge part in this. After Bart also Lisette joined the club and they definitely weren't the last ones to do so..

In the next blog we’ll tell you more about the GroupMapping journey from then till now..