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The origin of GroupMapping

Let’s have a look in the rearview mirror and explain a bit on how GroupMapping was brought to life around 10 years ago. And even more; where did the name come from?

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2018 throwback and 2019 sneak preview

When crackling fireworks are a continuous background music and you can smell deep-fried doughnuts at every street corner - we know it’s the end of another year.

2018 has been a very interesting year for GroupMapping. A lot has happened in our internal organization as well as with our clients. Bart and Anouk will give you a little ‘throwback’ of 2018 and a sneak preview of 2019…

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everything speaks

A few weeks ago we got the keys to our new Creative Space in Amsterdam West. This new space will facilitate us in our journey towards awesomeness, because environment plays an important role in shaping your ideas. That’s why at GroupMapping we often say “everything speaks”, meaning the environment has a significant impact on the way we as a human being behave.

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VLOG werksessie overheidsinstelling (dutch)

A small peek at one of our latest worksessions with a Dutch government agency. 

Willem takes you with him through the day. He explains why it is so important to be together in an open space when working on different projects. Also, the lead sponsor shows us his first reaction and explains why he chose to this collaborative approach.

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