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2018 throwback and 2019 sneak preview

When crackling fireworks are a continuous background music and you can smell deep-fried doughnuts at every street corner - we know it’s the end of another year.

2018 has been a very interesting year for GroupMapping. A lot has happened in our internal organization as well as with our clients. Bart and Anouk will give you a little ‘throwback’ of 2018 and a sneak preview of 2019…


Throwback of 2018


2018 in one sentence

2018 has been a very mixed year for us, in which we have had a slow start and a great finish.



A major internal victory we’ve experienced is that we started working with the managing method ‘Holacracy’ in January of 2018. Our oval-systems Health, Growth and Awesome enabled us to make big steps in our (internal) organization.

Another victory is that we managed to create more depth and focus in our different business propositions Inclusive Strategy, Collaborative Change and Capability Development. Furthermore, we have some new concepts in the works, such as Creative Engagement and Digital Collaboration.



A very pleasant surprise was that we really wanted to grow and we found some excellent new colleagues to join our team. Unfortunately, Lisette has decided to leave GroupMapping as a partner and to focus on other things in her life. Luckily, she is still a very good friend to join us for Friday-afternoon-drinks.



Some major milestones for our internal organization were that we had our very first intern, Sandra, and we hired our first international colleague, Lea! Both turned out to be awesome choices.

Another milestone is that we are collaborating with E-Coach Pro and Rotterdam School of Management within our focus area Capability Development. With these collaborations we seemed to have hit the bullseye, because we have already planned projects together until 2020!

Furthermore, we’ve been working in nine different countries in 2018 (The Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Australia).

Last but not least; our new creative space in Amsterdam West. It’s way bigger than our old space and we have our own kitchen now. Our new ‘home’ allows us to have more work sessions with our clients in our own hub and has brought a lot of new energy into the group.



We have designed collaboration in lots of different businesses. The main businesses are engineering and construction, government, education, finance and healthcare. These five businesses are kind of our expertise area’s now and we couldn’t be happier about that.


Shooting for the stars

We’ve been quite ambitious this year, so from that point of view we did shoot for the stars. One of the moonshots was our application for the European Food Safety Authority. We didn’t win the tender, but we sure did learn a lot from it and we will continue to apply for interesting projects like these.

Another moonshot was our ‘strategy-in-a-box’, which turned out to be better than what we could ever dream of!! Over 60 boxes were spread through Europe. Definitely more to come in 2019..


Our flow

The beginning of the year was very slow, which was a little dissatisfactory. We were ready to pick up some new projects in January and for some reason they didn’t get through. This gave us a slow start, but I think somewhere in March we managed to make a switch and created a lot more work. Because we had some extra energy in the beginning of 2018 to work on our organization, we were able to make a great comeback from which we still benefit. But in general, is has been one of the best years for GroupMapping so far.


2018 in a song

The Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s the number one song in the TOP2000, it’s a long song, it’s a great song and nobody really understands what it’s about. Well maybe that changed a bit since the movie came out this year – but we still think this song is the perfect way to describe the GroupMapping year.


Sneak preview of 2019:

Happy Ten-year-anniversary to GM!

Yes, GroupMapping is turning 10 this year and that’s something worth celebrating!


2019 in a song

That has to be ‘Celebration’ from Kool and the Gang of course.



We will continue to focus on our relationships with our current clients, and also attract new clients. To do so we really want to step up our marketing game in 2019. We want to show the world what collaboration can bring to your organization. Change the way people think, feel, work and act in order to unlock their full potential.

Collaboration in the future

What we will be seeing is that collaboration will be more and more important, because of the increased complexity of the issues that companies face. The only way to solve them is if you do it together. As you can already see in a broader sense in the community, there is a lot of emphasis on collaboration. But there are a lot of companies that struggle to do that in the right way. Obviously, we can help organizations to do design collaboration. That is our trade. We are very confident that, in the future, collaboration will change in ways of channels and the need to design your collaboration will become increasingly important. We’re really in the sweet spot there.


The ultimate dream to design in 2019

Bart’s ultimate dream to design is something that might be out of the ordinary: “In Australia a company once did a session for the Australian rugby team wanting to become world champion. Something like that would be my ultimate dream to design. To help a team that really aims for the moon collaborate better, in order to achieve their goals. Could be rugby, could be soccer, could be…?”


Expectations for 2019

GroupMapping will grow in number of employees (aiming on +8) and since we already foresee a great start of 2019, we’re expecting this will be GroupMapping's best year ever! We are looking for new colleagues right now and we are pretty sure that if we keep the pace that we developed in the past months, that 2019 will be a very successful year. How else could that be if it’s our tenth anniversary?!


More information about our ten-year anniversary soon!


A big thank you to all our clients, friends, partners, colleagues and everyone that we collaborated with!

For now, we wish you all the best for 2019! Cheers!